About Me (Professionally)

I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from the Univeristy of Texas at Dallas. While attending college, I obtained real world experience through an internship at TechTrans and a part time job as a Network Administrator at Eagle Circuits. As of November 2010, I've been a full time Software Engineer at Objective Technologies specialzing in the development of payment processing software. I have been able to expand my experience and knowledge in all aspects of software development (such as: testing/debugging, design, and coding) due to the relatively small size and scope of the projects I work on.

"I like long walks on the beach..."

On the side, I spend time improving my software development skills working numerous side projects and occasionally contributing to open source projects at SourceForge.net.

I keep myself active playing indoor soccer every week, and also enjoy watching soccer matches and supporting the Bolton Wanderers occasionally. I spend some of my free time drawing as well as playing the guitar, but would like to dedicate more time to both and, hopefully, see myself improve at both activities.